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Online porn sure has changed quite a bit over the past few years. As recently as a few years ago, you would be lucky to see a short clip of your favorite pornstar sucking on a stiff hard cock like it had the cure for cancer. In most cases, you had to settle for a disappointingly short grainy clip of her nibbling on the tip or teasing a dude's balls with the tip of her tongue. The whole point, of course, is for you to whip out your wallet, get that credit card out, and sign up for a full membership. Only after you have parted with some hard-earned dollars will you see her suck, fuck, and orgasm to your satisfaction. If you wanted free stuff, you're just going to get teaser pictures, grainy short clips, and a whole lot of blue balls.

Boy, have things changed. Thanks to adult 'tube' sites, the same exclusive and elusive actresses you had a tough time finding a few years ago are all over the place. Not only are they easy to search for using Google's video search, chances are when you click on the listings, you are treated to full footage of them teasing, sucking, fucking, and otherwise taking a stiff man rod like a champ. No teasing. No excerpts. No censored bits. No blurred out parts (unless you're into Japanese porn). No bullshit. You get the whole scene. Indeed, many of the video clips found on porn tube sites even begin with the full legal information required by US federal law. Crazy shit! The more things change the more things stay the same...

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After reading the developments above, you probably are all excited about searching for your favorite Hollywood celeb doing some fake fuck and suck action online. Well, I've got some bad news for you. Most celeb sites over promise and under deliver. You are probably not going to get what you bargained for. Many celeb sites show pictures of hot actresses showing off and getting fucked. It turns out that they only have pictures. Even if you were lucky enough to join a site featuring movie clips, the clips would be nothing to write home about. Most show short clips. Some are so short that you miss the scene if you happen to blink or sneeze while watching the clip. Talk about a turn off. The sad news is, at least, when it comes to celebrity porn and celebrity skin, searching for porn is still disappointing. I wish I could tell you that the moment you whip out your plastic and buy a membership all your crappy celeb content quality problems would go away. Sadly, I would be lying to you if I did that. The sad fact is you are not assured of much better quality content even if you paid for a celeb porn site membership. That's how badly the celeb porn niche trails the rest of the world of online adult entertainment. Everyone else has gotten on the tube bandwagon and most celeb adult sites are still several years behind in terms of quality, format, and variety.

Don't get me wrong, you can still find online the exact nude scene you're looking for from your favorite mainstream actress. You just have to put in a lot of time to search for those clips. By the time you find them though, the quality will probably be not up to your standards. I've seen scenes that were originally HD in theaters reduced to grainy, crappy clips online. Horrible. Just plain horrible.


After reading the state of celeb porn above, you probably got all depressed. I don't blame. Cheer up though, there's a bit of good news. SEX TAPE TUBE has taken celeb porn to the next level and it's done it by using the ever popular 'amateur porn' tube format. That's right-all of us hardcore celeb porn and celeb sex tape fans now have a new online destination for authentic celebrity sex tapes.

Taking all the gritty in-your-face realism of amateur 'caught on tape' sex scandal sites to the celeb world, SEX TAPE TUBE has definitely taken the world of celeb porn to a whole other level. Celeb adult entertainment fans no longer have to content themselves with tube-based clips of the same stuff they can find in most other celeb sites. No, no, no.
What makes SEX TAPE TUBE so different and so exciting is that it has gotten out of its way to compile sex tapes of celebrities before and after they got famous. You don't just get to enjoy your favorite actresses stripping down or faking sex on the Big Screen. You also get to see them get on all fours and suck cock like champs before they got famous.

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You and I know that there is no shortage of celebs 'leaking' sex tapes to the public. After Paris Hilton became a worldwide brand due to her taped cock sucking, lots of celebrities, whether new wet behind the ears wannabe celebrities, typical model-turned-actresses looking for a big break, or true blue screen stars looking for a way to revive their comatose careers have been leaking tapes. What makes SEX TAPE TUBE so awesome is that you get the distinct feeling that you're not watching career promoting sucking and fucking. Instead, you get hush-hush 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'-type of videotaped hankypanky.

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There's a sense of scandal. It's like you're watching something you shouldn't be watching. This is what makes the site so different from your typical run of the mill celeb site. You get the raw emotional urgency and in-your-face reality TV-type porn starring the very best up and coming starlets, veteran stars, or horny actresses who just got caught on tape making possibly career-jeopardizing bad decisions.


If you're looking for a new twist to the same old same old formulas of celebrity porn, you need to check out SEX TAPE TUBE today! This website has made watching nude horny Hollywood actresses so much fun again!

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