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6 Scandalous Celebrity Sex Tapes That You Might Have Already Forgotten

6 Scandalous Celebrity Sex Tapes That You Might Have Already Forgotten

Celebrity sex tapes have been around for years. It was even considered at one point, to be a launching pad for the careers of some of the famous celebrities now. Welcome to the generation of celebrities who like filming themselves while they get fucked.

Whether the celebrity sex tape was legally or illegally obtained, the parties involved are often exposed to their barest (pun intended). Now that the internet has boomed, celebrity sex tapes are often stolen and leaked online. The public is just but a click away from seeing their favorite celebrity not just in the nude but in intense sexual action.

The list of celebrity sex tapes is long, and a wide variety is available on Pornhub. Some have already been buried down in the ground that a lot might have already forgotten.

Here are 6 scandalous celebrity sex tapes to refresh your very curious-- and a lot of times dirty-- mind.

#1 Tori Spelling

Back in 2013, news broke out that Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott has a sex tape. Tori Spelling confirmed about their sex tape in her memoir, however, the celebrity sex tape was stolen from their unprotected computer by one of McDermott’s biker friends.

Tori Spelling wrote in her book,” Dean said, 'We should tape ourselves having sex.' He had a little portable tripod, and he set up his video camera on it,” She mentioned that if the angle was good, she will let McDermott keep it.

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#2 Farrah Abraham

The Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham told the press that her celebrity sex tape was supposedly for her personal use only and that she has no intentions of selling it. She even accused her co-star James Deen to have leaked it for his own publicity.

Nobody really believed her though and Vivid Entertainment, the company behind the sex tapes of Kim Kardashian, confirmed the purchase of Farrah’s celebrity sex tape. The company’s CEO seemed to have to take a liking to Farrah and was quoted saying, “We felt it was definitely worth it, not only because of Farrah's popularity but because the footage itself is amazing. Farrah is gorgeous, sexy and absolutely uninhibited."

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#3 Pamela Anderson

Have you watched a Pamela Anderson celebrity sex tape? Sure you did. The infamous Baywatch babe has a few sex tapes under her belt. Her most notable sex tape is with his then husband Tommy Lee. They were the pioneers of a very lucrative career in accidental sex tapes. It was the very first sex tape of documenting the intimate moments of two famous people. The sex tape was leaked by one of their disgruntled employees and a copy was acquired by a porn site. Since it seemed like a lost cause to try to stop it, Lee and Anderson signed over the rights of their celebrity sex tape to the porn site.

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#4 Kim Kardashian

Her video with then-boyfriend Ray J launched her million-dollar career after it was leaked in 2008. Kim Kardashian initially sued for the 39-minute sex tape but decided to cut a deal with the rights holder instead. She earned $3 million from the deal and the video is now the most watched porn in history.

Vivid Entertainment who owns the rights to Kim Kardashian’s sex tape is now willing to pay $25 million to film Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West having sex.

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#5 Paris Hilton

Who can forget Paris Hilton’s “One Night in Paris” video? It was already 12 years ago since the video with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon happened. The ex-couple denied releasing the video and Hilton eventually sued the company distributing the celebrity sex tape. She had managed to get $400,000 and sales profit for her sex tape and was the most watched sex video during that time. Her sex tape record was toppled by her ex-BFF Kim Kardashian.

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#6 Rob Lowe

One of the most controversial celebrities sex tape is from Rob Lowe having sex with two women, one of which is a 16-year-old minor. Lowe was only 24 when the incident occurred in his hotel room. He just came from partying and went home with two young women and agreed to be videotaped. The ladies left after taking along his cash and videotape when he went inside the bathroom.

Rob Lowe did not realize that one of the girls was just 16 since they were in a night club. His career stalled after but he managed to get back up.

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